Atlas features an alternate topic list layout intended to highlight topic excerpts, and also includes space for an (optional) sidebar. Categories feature user-dismissable headers populated by the “About” topic.

12%20PM: 625x499

:telescope: Preview on theme creator (note that excerpts aren’t turned on, so the preview is a bit limited)

:octopus: Github repo:


:information_source: Important notes:

  • The sidebars are added using the Custom Sidebar component , which can be setup to feature a post as the sidebar content for specified categories. Configuration details are in the repo’s readme.

  • The theme works best with the box category style (admin > settings)

  • Excerpts can be enabled using a hidden site setting called always_include_topic_excerpts. To enable this setting you need console access to your server.

    To enable excerpts via the command line

    ./launcher enter app
    rails c

    and then in the rails console

    SiteSetting.always_include_topic_excerpts = true

:hammer_and_wrench: Future improvements

  • There are some hard-coded colors in this theme, I need to update those to be editable by color schemes

  • Settings to turn certain features (like category headers) on and off