I really liked the theme shared way back in 2016 by @jsthon :heart_eyes:. They haven’t been around since it was initially posted, so I’ve updated it, expanded it, and added it to github.

:microscope: Preview it on the theme creator

:link: Github repo link: ` https://github.com/discourse/graceful`

:man_shrugging: How do I install a theme?

16%20PM: 690x340

This theme has two settings:

  • A field to add your own background image
  • and the option to tile it

If you disable the tile option, the image will be set to background-size: cover, and your browser will scale your image to proportionately cover the full background. For example:

22%20PM: 690x415

Credit for the default background pattern included goes to Toptal Subtle Patterns.