Installing this theme component will add a stopwatch to the top of a topic. A tag specified in the theme settings will establish which topics the stopwatch will appear.


stopwatch-ex1: 690x247


There are three settings. You must add a single tag name to associate with a stopwatch. In this example I use a tag called “speed-read.”

ts-settings: 690x234


IMPORTANT: You must be running Discourse Version 2.0.0.beta4 or later for this theme component to work.

Import Links:


This theme component was inspired by the discussion found here:

The usefulness of this theme component is very niche I imagine, but hopefully it will end up helping a few people either for what it is, or as example code.

Some ideas where it could be applied in a forum:

  • Some type of quiz/test practice
  • Speed-reading exercises
  • Public speaking practice

As of now, it does not save the time after leaving the topic.


GitHub - tshenry/discourse-topic-stopwatch

Please feel free to post if there are any questions, problems, or suggestions!