What is it?

After a discussion about moderators about spending an extended amount of time on the screen, I decided it’ll be best to remind staff members(and non-staff!) to frequently take a break from the forums after looking at it for a long time. New update: It also works on non-staff and can be toggled on and off via theme settings.
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On the admin dashboard for moderators activity it would be nice to show days visited in the reference window, even better would be to disable mod powers for mod account on a schedule to force them to take time off. I’m sure it’s a similar story but mods will work themselves into the ground because they care, when they’re having a hard time they’re often not aware of it at the time because they were sucked in and too close.

What does it do?

This theme component shows an alert message after the member is on the forums for x amount of seconds. So 30 minutes would be 1800 seconds until the message is shown. This component has 4 main settings that let you customize your message and change the time until the message is shown.
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 8.43.18 PM: 690x235


It’s PROVEN to help you if you take a break from the screen. This is especially for moderators and admins who sometimes spend the night doing staff work! This component is a great reminder to take a break if you’re moderating or looking at the forums for too long. This component also helps for those who can’t stop replying, posting, etc. It’s always good to take a break!


Here’s a quick preview video(Sorry the webpage took so long to load)
Preview: video

Since changing the settings in theme creator is currently broken, you can download this component on your instance and try changing the message and the time!