This is a component that puts a search bar along with optional headline and subhead text in a banner above the main topic list navigation.

By default this banner appears on all top-level topic pages (latest/new/unread/top/categories... anything in the top menu site setting) but it can also be set to only display on a community’s homepage.

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:question: How do I install a theme component?

:sparkling_heart: This very heavily borrows from @angus’

Available settings

  • Set the headline and subhead text
  • Show the banner on all top-level topic pages (default), just the homepage, or all pages
  • Show the banner for everyone, logged in, or logged out users
  • Set a background image

Custom styling

The HTML element gets a class named .display-search-banner wherever this banner appears, and the banner itself is wrapped with the .custom-search-banner class, so with some CSS you should be able to customize the appearance of this banner however you see fit.

Future enhancements

  • Add an option to enable the banner in specific categories