The purpose of this component is to encourage users to add edit reasons when they edit a post. Edit reasons are displayed at the top of a post’s edit history modal and are a great way to understand why something within a post was changed. This might be especially useful for users that are able to edit other users’ posts as it will help to avoid any “why did you edit my post?!” responses.

How it Works

If an affected user tries to submit an edit without an edit reason, a popup modal is presented that displays a customizable message explaining the situation. Once they have added an edit reason, their edit can be submitted successfully.

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Configurable Settings

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:star: Pro-tip: If you want to require all users to add edit reasons, simply add the trust_level_0 group to the “edit reason required groups” theme setting.


Repository Link

If you are unfamiliar with theme components and how to install them, check out the theme installation guide . And if you’d like to learn more about Discourse themes, take a look at this guide .