:warning: As it currently stands, this component will make one ajax request per loaded post. This can add up depending on your hosting situation and community size, so please keep that in mind as you consider installing this component. It’s clear that there is a good amount of interest in this feature, so we will be continuing to improve the situation as time permits. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

This component will add earned badges next to a post author’s username. Specific badges to display can be adjusted through a theme setting.

Repository link

Preview at https://theme-creator.discourse.org/theme/tshenry/post-badges

39%20PM: 690x163,75%

Key features

  • Support for both default and custom badges.
  • Hovering over the badge will show a tooltip with the badge’s description.
  • Clicking on the badge will take a user to the badge’s overview page

Usage tips

  • Some default badges contain links in their descriptions. These will not display nicely as a tooltip, so it is recommended to customize the description at /admin/customize/site_texts. You can find what you need to modify by searching for part of the description’s current text.


post-badges-settings: 690x175,75%


If you are unfamiliar with theme components and how to install them, check out the theme installation guide. And if you’d like to learn more about Discourse themes, take a look at this guide.