I’ve created a theme component to change the style of the personal message posts to bubbles to help distinguish them from topics.


  • Set the background color of the bubble to your theme’s primary, secondary or tertiary colors, or a selection of other common colors.
  • Select different colors to help distinguish the messages you send from the messages sent to you.
  • Set the background opacity of the bubble - the larger the percent the deeper the color.
  • Choose whether to display the message bubble in a box shadow.
  • Optionally append text to the Message Reply button to distinguish it from the Topic Reply button.

image: 690x481

You can select from a range of colors or select colors from your palate to match your theme. You can also set the background opacity of the bubble relative to the color and background.

Discourse Personal Message Bubbles

:hammer_and_wrench: Git repo: https://github.com/naidihr/discourse-message-bubbles

:thinking: How do I install a Theme or Theme Component?