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Discourse Media Overlay Theme

This theme component allows users to “pop out” media into a floating window while they browse the site. They can even navigate to a different topic and the media will continue working.

It works with any <iframe> or <video> (with some special treatment for lazyYT). It adds a button to every compatible thing, which then opens a little popup in the bottom right.

You can then “minimise” it, which keeps the audio going in the background, or completely close it.

![ 320x255](

At the moment the size of the video is decided by the original embed. I’d like to add a “resizing” feature, either a “click and drag”, or just simply 3 buttons “small”, “medium”, “large”.

Currently this obscures the composer… simple solution is to just close the popup if you want to write a post :wink:.


The theme URL is

To install, follow these instructions: