MD Topic List

A lighter topic-list presentation for your Discourse forum. The posters column has been deleted but some informations has been added (name and avatar of the last poster) in the activity column and below the topic title (name of the topic creator, and a little emoji for the tags).

Repository link


md-topic-list: 690x308

Preview the theme component on the theme creator forum


This theme component is compatible with the tags, featured links functions, and any functions available in the original topic-list version. Any category style presentation (bullet, bar, box) should work with this component.

The theme component has been tested on a few color palettes, it will work with light, neutral or dark themes.

Sadly, the theme component might not work with plugins that already changes the topic-list presentation like the Topic List Previews.

Let me know if you have any issue !


I used, Sam’s personal minimal topic list design as an inspiration. I wanted to restore the views column and make a theme-component version that would work with most themes and color palettes.