Currently the default homepage settings found in the admin panel and user preferences apply to both desktop and mobile. This is a very simple theme component that will allow you to specify a different default homepage for the mobile view of your Discourse forum.

It is important to note that this will force mobile to navigate to the homepage you choose in this theme component. Your users will not be able to override the default homepage for mobile via their user preferences at this point.

Repository Link

I don’t know if there’s anything to gain by including screenshots or putting a demo on theme-creator, but if anyone thinks otherwise, please speak up!

Theme Settings

There is one setting that allows you to set the mobile homepage as:

  • latest (default)
  • categories
  • new
  • unread
  • top


If you are new to installing theme components, check out @Johani’s excellent guide on theme components, particularly how to import a theme component and how to add the theme component to your main theme.


  • Allow users to override the default we set in this component.

That’s it! Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome :slight_smile: