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:warning: This theme component requires you to actually look at the code and change it to your preferences.

This is a skeleton. You still need to add content / links.

To install this theme, follow the theme installation instructions:

Once the theme from the repository is installed, follow these steps:

1- Create a separate theme component and name it (example: FlexFooter Child)
2- Go to the samples folder
3- Pick a template (there’s only one for now)
4- Copy the code from the template and add it to your newly created FlexFooter Child
in the common > Footer section.
5- Copy the following variables and add them to the common CSS section in FlexFooter Child you can edit them as needed to change colors.

$df-top-footer-background: rgb(40, 40, 40);
$df-bottom-footer-background: rgb(17, 17, 17);
$df-top-link-color: inherit;
$df-bottom-link-color: rgb(185, 185, 185);
$df-shared-text-color: rgb(175, 175, 175);
$df-shared-heading-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);
$df-base-font-size: 1em;

5- Now add FlexFooter Theme Component and FlexFooter Child as a components under your new theme.

You should then be able to modify the html of the footer and the color variables in your newly created FlexFooter Child

You can pretty much add anything inside the cards, from mailing list signup forms, images, text, links, ads, or iframes

You only need to look for the portion between

<!-- start card content -->
<!-- end card content -->

remove the placeholders, and add your content. and you’re good to go.