This theme component will let you build dynamic documentation, by creating a form that replaces any occurrence of a =PATTERN= in your post with the value from a text or selectable input field.

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[wrap=placeholder key=NAME description="Your name"][/wrap]
[wrap=placeholder key=COUNTRY default=US defaults=FR,DE,US,CN,AU,CA][/wrap]

Your email: [email protected]

This will result in:

14: 690x270

[wrap=placeholder key=ZNAME description=”Your name”]
This is used in mailing list
[wrap=placeholder key=ZCOUNTRY default=US defaults=FR,DE,US,CN,AU,CA][/wrap]

Your email: [email protected]

As seen above, text inside the wrapper will be used as a long description.

[wrap=placeholder key=NAME description="Your name"]
This is used in mailing list

Available keys

  • key: The key that should be replaced in your post
  • default/defaults: default value(s)
  • description: a placeholder text for the input


[wrap=placeholder key=PLUGIN_NAME description=”Name of your plugin”][/wrap]

# create a new plugin
rails g plugin =PLUGIN_NAME=
cd plugins/=PLUGIN_NAME=


We use it to create runbooks, howtos and reusable templates (it will work in code blocks). Please share your use cases!