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The discourse-group-timezones theme component can help you display people of a group in a timezone ordered list. It will also show who is in holiday/week-end/out of working hours.

This is useful for people using Discourse with a remote and distributed team to work on projects.


Follow the instructions at Install a Theme component using as the repository URL.

:warning: This plugin relies on the timezone field of a User being set. This field is available at the moment only when using discourse-calendar, so you need to have this plugin to use this component.


[wrap=group-timezones group=project-x-team][/wrap]
  • group is mandatory
  • size is optional and accepts: small, medium, large, auto

Component settings

  • working day start hour let’s you define when the working day usually starts
  • working day end hour let’s you define when the working day usually ends
  • close to working day hours extension let’s you define how many hours around start/end working hours are acceptable if urgent to get in contact with someone
  • working days let’s you define which days of the week are worked

Thanks to my fellow Discoursers who beta-tested it and provided great feedback/ideas.

Hope you enjoy this component! :tada: