A Theme Component that includes social icons as clickable within User Profile & User Cards if you are using the User Cards Directory Theme Component

It’s 99% copied from the discussion & code samples provided by @LeoMcA included in this conversation on Meta and in Namati User Card Profile Theme, but thought it would be helpful to dig it out from the thread and make it slightly more general.

Repository Link


Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 11.57.12 AM: 690x174, 75%


  • Any users that don’t include a value for an entry will not have the corresponding icon shown on their user card/profile
  • Instagram & Twitter custom user fields only expect the user names (no “@” included), the name gets appended to the base URL
  • I’d recommend making the Custom User Fields that will have icons NOT show on the User Card since it will then feel a bit redundant to have the text & the clickable icons. Just my opinion though, the theme does not automatically hide them.

Site Settings

Each custom field name entry should line up with what you call the customized user field in your discourse instance.
By default the theme-component will expect the names to be as shown below, but you can of course change them.
Strings are case-sensitive.

instagram_custom_field_name: 'Instagram'
twitter_custom_field_name: 'Twitter'
linkedin_custom_field_name: 'LinkedIn Profile'